Je Suis les Nameless Beats

Looking for a good Friday afternoon listen, please check this podcast out:

Nameless is a producer that I am always checking for.  I first heard his work on Clear Soul Forces' album Detroit Revolution(s) (REVO), which I love by the way.  Nameless produced one of the stand out tracks on REVO, 'Keep it Movin.'  I ineeded to know who produced that track when I heard it.

Since initially discovering his music, Nameless has consistently served up music which has been pleasing to my ears.  He is originally from Flint, but now lives in Florida with his family.  Considering his immense talent, which also includes graphic design, he is really down to Earth and humble.  I am sure if you asked him he would say that J Dilla influenced his music, but he has a sound all his own.  I hate to describe music because it's all about feeling with me, but his music is at once playful, energetic, and scientifically soulful.  His sound just works for me.   

This song is actually in my iPhone's Top 25 Most Played List: 

Last year, Nameless linked with Nametag, an emcee from Detroit, to put out an album.  I am convinced was one of the best Hiphop releases of 2013.  It's called For Namesake.  It's a shame it was so slept on.  Here's one of my favorite tracks from that album. I listen to it a lot even still because it is such a mood lifter.

And here's another from For Namesake that has great drums.  

Need more, check out the Nameless release from The Gift series on DJ Houseshoes' label Street Corner Music, and follow his especially active Soundcloud.

Peace and love!