I got Spiffed!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my nails.  I secretly long for nice, long almond shaped nails, and I am not particularly adept at painting them despite the fact that I have a minor obsession with buying nail polish.  Virtually every week, you can be sure that I will be in some nail shop getting a manicure in an attempt to spruce up my digits.  When I started to see really cool nail art everywhere on social media, I longed to find an artist to jazz up my boring nubs.  

My prayers were (almost) answered when I discovered Tacarra "Spifster" Sutton, nail artist extraordinaire. I came across her designs on Twitter, and was awed.  I say my prayers were almost answered though because unfortunately, she doesn't live in the same city as me. The first time I heard she would be traveling to Atlanta on a "TourdeSpif," I was almost excited as a kid on Christmas eve.  

Since then, we have linked up many times, each one cherished by me.  Having your nails done by Spifster is not just a run of the mill service, it's an experience with its own built in memento.  Yesterday we linked up again, and she was in rare form.  It went something like this: I arrived to her place with Raz-a-ritas (she's a fan), shared girlish chitchat with the sister circle of her friends and other clients who were there too, and then soon enough, it was my turn in the chair.  In the hour or so of time she worked her magic, she also managed to give me some sage advice, update me on the great things she had recently done (solo art show and doing the nails of Dior's heard of PR in their NY office- no biggie), and help me vibe out to her playlist.  Then, Viola!

My nails after I got Spiffed!

Just amazing.  Like, how does a person do this with just their hands, nail polish, and brushes.  

Detail of my Lovely Thumbs

And don't think she just did a great job for me.  Check out the Cross Colors inspired nails she did right before mine (and admire those long almond shaped talons).  


Spifster has forever raised the bar for not only nail art, but every service I really value.  I'll be staring at my nails all week, remembering the great time we shared, and plotting to link up again.  


You can find Spifster at her home base in Chicago right here.  She is also top notch in the social media game via her Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr blog.  If you can, please catch some of her magic!