About Me

I am a curious person who loves discovering new joys and delving deeper into existing passions.  

 I was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the Renaissance City and the epicenter of my passions.  My parents raised me to be a free thinker and empathetic person of character.  As a young person I loved to watch sports, read books, make mixtapes, and daydream.  I studied Philosophy and African-American studies at Princeton University and then picked up a law degree at Georgetown University Law Center.  Following my formal studies, I began my career as a deal lawyer on Wall Street.  As an avid concertgoer and soccer fanatic, I personified the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle.  In 2009, I moved to Atlanta, where I continue to enjoy residing today.  

As a Capricorn woman, I am favored because we attract success.  During my tenure representing the the most successful global financial institutions, consumer brands, and manufacturing companies in over $100 billion in transactions, I harnessed my resilience, creativity, savvy negotiation skills, and analytical depth to generate value as a master dealmaker.  Still, I yearned for a higher state of consciousness and more purpose-filled life.  That yearning led me to walk away from my prestigious job in early 2015.  I am now thriving on a self-funded and open-ended sabbatical full of learning, travel, reflection, musical exploration, soccer fandom, and personal growth.  I am also diving into to a new space which has always interested me - technology.  On this blog, I share personal insights and things I love.  

I would love to connect with you on other platforms too.  

You can find me (@aplusashley) sharing random thoughts via my Twitter account and far too many selfies on Instagram and Snapchat.  

You can also see the music I buy from indie artists on my Fan Collection page.  

Thanks for stopping by, and drop me a line any time at  

Live well.  Be kind.  Learn more.  Vibe out.  Think deep thoughts.  

Enjoy your blessings.  Be epic!